Chương trình trao đổi sinh viên tại Viện Công nghệ Tokyo 2020

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Xin gửi đến mọi người thông tin về chương trình trao đổi sinh viên do Viện Công nghệ Tokyo mùa hè 2020 tổ chức. Dưới đây là thông tin chi tiết. 

Warmest greetings from Tokyo Tech!
It is our great pleasure to inform you that Tokyo Tech-AYSEAS 2020 will be held in Thailand from late August to early September hosted by King Mongut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL).
The program outline and application form will be sent to you in early April. We would be most grateful if you could encourage students to apply for AYSEAS 2020.

Just for your information, expected host countries and universities for the next few years are:
2021: Philippines (DLSU)
2022: Vietnam (HUST or HCMUT)

Please see also the AYSEAS 2019 report on the webpage below.


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